OSHA Danger Open Hole Decal (EGR Reflective)

OSHA Danger Open Hole Decal (EGR Reflective)


Keep Pedestrians Away with Open Hole Signs

  • Safety decals feature rustproof aluminum for longevity.
  • Digital printing produces high-resolution designs.
  • Their reflective surfaces improve nighttime visibility.
  • Laminate the signs to protect them from water and dirt. 

Open Hole Signs are Durable

Passersby need to stay clear of open holes to stay out of danger. Install safety decals that show where holes are located and to advise others to stay away.

Our reflective decals feature high-grade rustproof aluminum. The signs work outdoors or indoors and can last for several years.

Laminated Safety Decals are Moisture-Resistant

These construction signs include engineered layers that make them visible in dark situations. We use digital printing technology to produce high-resolution messages on the signs.

Select a laminate coating to your open hole signs to improve their dirt and water resistance. This laminate keeps signage clear for others to see.

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