OSHA DANGER Elevator Shaft Sign

OSHA DANGER Elevator Shaft Sign

  • Signs made of durable materials.
  • High resolution and full color help grab attention.
  • Signage is easy to customize.
  • Pre-printed text reduces prep work.
  • Installation takes little time and effort.

Keep Others Safe with 'OSHA Danger: Elevator Shaft' Signs

Elevator Signs are Strong, High Quality, and Customizable

Clear communication is key to keeping employees and guests at your business safe. Printed notices and signs help remind others to remain aware of their surroundings and practice careful procedures. 'Use our elevator' safety signs to promote good safety practices in any area of your building that has an elevator shaft.

We print our 'danger' signs on sturdy aluminum to ensure long-lasting durability. The 1.2 mm-thick metal is resistant to corrosion and safe for use in a variety of situations. With strong resistance to both water and weather, the signage is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

To ensure a high resolution, we create these aluminum signs using 600 DPI UV printing. The full-color finish gives them a clear, vibrant appearance that can remain intact when exposed to direct light. The high quality and sharpness help attract attention, even at a distance.

Select the most suitable size for your elevator safety signs and customize them as needed. More specific details may be added by providing instructions in the provided space. This makes it easy to change the signs to fit your unique company.

Elevator Safety Signs are Ready to Use and Easy to Mount

You can hang up the danger signs as soon as you receive them. We print the text and logos for you to save time and make them ready to use. As soon as they arrive, you can have your safety messages displayed.

Holes added to the corners of these aluminum signs make the notice boards easy to mount. They are suitable for attachment to both walls and doors. This makes it simple to ensure the notices are easy to read in any room of your business.

Elevator Signs Come with Bulk Discounts

Save on the cost of 'danger' signs by placing order of 2 to 20 or more. We offer a helpful discount to meet the needs of your business, be it large or small. Get as many signs as you need while keeping within your budgetary constraints.

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