No Drinks Past This Point Sign

No Drinks Past This Point Sign

  • Made from aluminium sheets to provide durability and suitability for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Full-color and 600 DPI printing offers a vibrant finish and provides for effective communication.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to cater to varied requirements.

No Drinks Past This Point Signs Help Visitors Comply with Property Rules

No Drinks Past This Point Signs are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Every property has a set of rules that visitors and staff need to adhere to in order to maintain safety and security and also to comply with the law. Compliance signs offered by BannerBuzz are ideal for making people aware of the regulatory measures set in place for your institution. The signs come with bold graphics that offer easy visibility and are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Our property rules signs use 1.2-mm thick aluminium sheet material that is resistant to corrosion. The material is also an excellent heat conductor, giving the device a long lifespan and making it appropriate for both outdoor and indoor use. This feature makes the signage a worthwhile investment for your company.

Full-color printing with 600 DPI provide for an excellent resolution that ensures every detail is clearly discernible, even from a distance. The vibrant finish and high-quality result in outdoor signs to attract the attention of passersby and help you communicate your message with ease.

BannerBuzz offers no drinks past this point signs in multiple size options. This allows you to modify the product as per your requirements and receive a product that best suits your facility.

Compliance Signs are Portable and Ready to Use

The aluminium used in the construction of the signs is lightweight, resulting in easy portability of the product. Due to the light weight, the property rules signs are easy to install or store. As the signs can be used in multiple areas and situations, the product is certain to boost your ROI as well.

Pre-printed messages provided with the outdoor signs help to save time and effort exerted from your end. The installation process is straightforward and the signs are ready for use within minutes.

No Drinks Past This Point Signs are Available with Bulk Order Discounts

We fulfil the requirements of individuals as well as small and large businesses alike. In line with this, we offer the option of purchasing in quantities as low as 2 to over 500 units, to suit your budget and need. Upon buying the compliance signs in bulk, you can also receive discounts.

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