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Tent Cards
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Pocket Menus
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Take-Out Menus
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Power up your selling and branding with custom design menus

Make your business menus as graceful as your products and services. Give your establishment a unique identity by using our custom design menus. We offer a range of easy-to-use design interface and templates that enables you to create a stunning menu or rate list that resonate with your customers. And, there is no need for you to have professional designing skills with Bannerbuzz, your imagination will be enough to make it visible. Whether it’s placemats, take out menus, folded take out menus, tent cards, miniaturized pocket menus, we thrive to create an everlasting impression of your business and products.

Craft a take-out menu as captivating as your offerings

Whether it’s a restaurant, school, university, coffee shop, or any other business establishment with a huge list of offerings, you need a menu card to help customers choose their desired items quickly that fits in their budget. Bannerbuzz helps you transform all your business offerings in a complete, professional menu in just a few minutes, so you can focus on other tasks while your customers view, compare and finalize a product or service. You can create a design that reflects your business’s reputation with us. Our designs and services are compatible with diverse business categories, so anyone who’s in the need of printed display pamphlets can create a unique design with us. The designing process begins with your choice of specific elements that you want to add in your custom design menu and our expert designers will guide you through the process, so you can create an alluring menu on your computer.

  • Multiple designs
  • Custom designing
  • High-quality printing
  • Step-by-Step support
  • Available in multiple shapes and size

Craft a mouth-watering display of foods and drinks to mesmerize your customers into visiting your restaurant. Suppose, your restaurant offers the greatest lasagna the world has ever tasted along with a range of appetizers, soup, continental delights, traditional kinds of seafood at an affordable price yet people come to your restaurant and leave because there is no one on the counter to greet them. But if they see a menu card, they might find it difficult to leave without exploring the list of food items and their prices. They might even wait for someone to appear and ask for a seat. Such is the power of a professional custom design menu card and we can get it done for you.

We offer menu card in multiple shapes, shades, and size by using the best available material and printing techniques to make it look as alluring and impactful as your customers can imagine. Tent cards add up a luxurious feel and allow customers to explore the offerings from both sides. They are crafted in the shape of a tent or pyramid, making it easy to stand and hold its balance. You don’t need to lie it down on a flat surface as it may escape the sight of people because tent cards are designed to stand for better visibility from all directions. We provide take out cards and pocket cards that are portable and easy to carry and allows users to check out your product lists and contact you if interested anytime, anywhere they want.