Keep Out Covid-19 Quarantine Area Vinyl Posters

Keep Out Covid-19 Quarantine Area Vinyl Posters

  • Durable calendered vinyl resists abrasion for long-lasting use.
  • Bright, high-resolution 720 DPI printing is clear and legible.
  • Choose from several available sizes, lamination, and application types.
  • Posters are pre-printed with text and graphics and ready to use.
  • Convenient shipping and delivery options put posters at your disposal.
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Deter Entry into Unsafe Places with Quarantine Area Vinyl Posters

Quarantine Area Posters are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

As a physician, your offices and medical practices are likely to have areas unsafe for entry due to the potential for exposure to communicable illness. Other types of business also must comply with safety regulations in the event of a positive case in their facility. Quarantine posters warn employees and customers to stay out, preventing them from exposure to contaminated surfaces, air, or sick patients. This helps to prevent the spread of the illness and the need to expand the quarantine space.

These monomeric calendered vinyl posters are abrasion-resistant, allowing them to hold up to the daily wear and tear of high-traffic environments. This longevity and durability are well-suited to the extended periods of quarantine, helping to ensure that the staff follow proper procedure and keep the spread of illness contained.

The messaging of the Keep Out posters is striking and clear, thanks to the bright colors and clear text produced by high-quality 720 DPI printing. Sharp resolution makes the words legible both from a close up and from a distance, while the bright colors catch people's attention to ensure that they see the signs and follow the printed instructions.

Select quarantine area posters in a range of available sizes to be optimally visible based on the size of the space, or specify a custom size to meet your particular needs. Add optional UV printing and matte or gloss lamination for additional protection against the sun and the elements when displaying the posters outdoors. Base your other selections on the application service, with posters able to adhere to any surface or only to glass.

Quarantine Posters are Ready to Use and Easy to Order

Keep Out posters come with a ready-made design featuring not only clear, direct messaging but also attention-getting biohazard symbols. This makes them ready to install as well as effective as a deterrent without need for any additional designing.

Choose the shipping option that fits your budget and your schedule, whether you are ordering quarantine posters for an immediate need or to have them on hand as a contingency plan. BannerBuzz makes it easy and convenient to access the supplies your enterprise requires to maintain safety and comply with regulations.

Quarantine Area Posters Qualify for Bulk Order Discount

Any order quantity of two or more vinyl posters receives a discount of increasing value as order numbers grow higher. Procure posters in bulk to install in multiple areas or to distribute from a central location to satellite branches for increased cost-effectiveness.

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