Faculty Lounge Sign

Faculty Lounge Sign

  • Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, the signs are durable.
  • High-quality printing produces sharp images with high resolution.
  • Customization options are available.
  • Materials are recyclable to aid the environment.
  • Come with mounting holes for easy Installation.

Communicate Office Messages with Faculty Lounge Signs

Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable Lounge Signs

By offering directional guidance, you can help new staff members and visitors move freely in your institution. Put up signage in offices to assist people find them and to help your institution become more structured. Our room name signs include easy-to-read illustrations that assist individuals in locating departments inside your organization.

Workplace signs comprise a 1.2 mm thick corrosion-resistant aluminum sheet that can withstand the elements. The ductile material ensures the lounge signs can withstand abrasion for an extended period. This enables you to use the signage to provide a directional guide both indoors and outside.

In the printing process, we employ 600 DPI to generate crisp and high-resolution illustrations that visitors can see even from a distance. Full color UV printing, which uses a wide variety of hues, provides the room signs a bright finish that draws attention, resulting in improved communication.

There are customization options available to meet your specific requirements. Choose from a variety of sizes based on the needs of your organization. Include particular instructions to ensure that the lounge signs match your brand.

Easy to Install and Eco-Friendly Room Name Signs

Holes with a diameter of around 5 to 7 mm make installation simple by removing the need for drilling on the signage. The workplace signs include 1-inch radius rounded corners to eliminate sharp edges that might cause injuries, allowing you to mount the signage properly.

We print the room signs using an ecologically friendly printing technique that does not release solvents into the air.  This minimizes your carbon impact and allows your organization to meet its social responsibilities.

Lounge Signs are Ready-to-Use

To assist new workers and guests with navigation, our room name signs feature a pre-printed message showing the faculty lounge. This saves time and effort in developing your own signage and ensures that they are ready to use straight away.

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