Do the Five To Stop Spread Coronavirus Roll Up Banner Stands

Do the Five To Stop Spread Coronavirus Roll Up Banner Stands

  • Durable and long-lasting polypropylene sits inside a sturdy aluminum frame.
  • Full-color UV printing resists fading, displaying bright colors and clear text.
  • Choose from various sizes and banner and stand combinations.
  • The stands and banners roll down for compact storage and portability.
  • Pre-printed banners arrive ready to put on display.

Encourage Employee Safety with Do the Five Banner Stands

Roll Up Banner Stands are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

Hygienic practices protect ourselves and others from communicable illness but it takes time for practice to become habit. Encouraging these actions helps them turn into regular activities and keeps a work force healthy. 'Stop spread' signs list out all the steps needed for slowing down germ transmission. Put them on prominent display to remind of visitors and employees.

Made of durable aluminum, the printed banner stands provide a sturdy base of support for the display of the banner and have feet to keep them balanced and upright. The aluminum base also protects the banner when rolled up and put into storage. A 280 micron polypropylene material makes up the banners themselves and holds up under multiple openings and closings.

Text printed in 600 DPI makes the messaging of the retractable banner stands easily comprehensible, even as readers approach from across the room. A full color background makes the letters stand out and eye-catching. With full color UV printing, the banners are suitable for outdoor and indoor display.

Select 'stop spread' signs from a range of sizes available to match the size of the space and achieve optimal visibility. You can also order only the stand and add your own banner, or buy only the the banner and display in the manner that best fits yours needs. Add lamination for an additional layer of durability and protection.

Stop Spread Signs are Portable and Ready to Use

These retractable banner stands are easy to assemble for a fast, time-saving set-up. A telescoping rod pulls the banners up out of the base when it's time for them to go on display. For convenient transport and space-saving storage, retract the banners back into the base.

A pre-printed message detailing five hygienic habits makes the roll-up banner stands ready to put to use immediately after assembly. This ease makes them suitable for a variety of business and commercial environments. With no need for additional customization, the stands and banners can go out the door and reach you sooner.

Roll Up Banner Stands are Easy to Maintain

The aluminum and polypropylene material of the printed stands is easy to clean by simply wiping them down with a damp cloth. This simple maintenance keeps them free of dust and other build-up so the text remains clear. Banners also stay clean when stored inside the bases between periods of display.

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