Do the Five To Stop Spread Coronavirus Garden Flags

Do the Five To Stop Spread Coronavirus Garden Flags

  • Dye-sublimation printing produces vivid and long-lasting graphics.
  • Customization options are available to meet your business demands.
  • The flags come pre-printed to save you time and effort.
  • Lightweight materials make the flags easy to move around.
  • A sturdy iron pole allows easy and sturdy installation.

Remind People of Precautionary Guidelines with Do the Five Garden Flags

High-Quality, Customizable, and Easy-to-Install Garden Flags

If you own a store, restaurant, or other type of business, staying operational and meeting client demands is easy if you can manage to check the spread of infectious diseases during pandemics. Installing signs that provide instructions to staff and customers on how to help prevent the spread of germs can aid in the establishment of a hygiene culture. Our stop the spread signs serve as reminders of the safety procedures that individuals need to take to contain the spread of diseases and ensure the safety of your facilities.

Dye-sublimation printing produces in graphics that are vivid, high-resolution, and have smooth color gradations. The long-lasting and high-quality images on yard flags help to grab the attention of passersby, helping ensure your message gets across.

Customization options are available to fit your brand's particular requirements. You may include specific instructions on your your order for outdoor flags, such as if you want different graphics on double-sided flags to supply extra information to engage your customers and employees. Double-sided flags have liners sewn in between the two outer layers. When you want the graphics to be visible from the back with 50-60% clarity, go with single-sided printing.

An iron pole, which makes the installation process simple, holds the garden flags in place. To increase your message's visibility and ensure compliance, place the flags outdoors and in high-traffic locations.

Portable and Ready-to-Use Stop the Spread Signs

You can use and move yard flags easily because they comprise lightweight materials. Move the flags throughout the day to ensure people see your message. Save money on advertising by storing and reusing signage.

The pre-printed wording on the outdoor flags encourages visitors to follow the five guidelines for disease prevention to keep your staff and other customers safe. Because the flags are already designed for you, once they arrive at your business, you can use them immediately to inform and educate your customers and workers.

Garden Flags are Easy to Order

We provide several shipping options to assist you in picking a solution that meets your company's budget and delivery deadlines. Select a convenient option to ensure that your shipment of stop the spread signs arrives on time.

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