Do the Five Help Prevent Covid-19 Spread Compliance signs

Do the Five Help Prevent Covid-19 Spread Compliance signs

  • Safety signs comprise sturdy sheet aluminum that resists corrosion.
  • Printed with UV-stable ink that is suitable for outdoor use.
  • Choose from 7 sizes to meet your requirements.
  • Pre-printed and ready to use out of its packaging to save time.

Enforce Proper Hygiene with Do the Five Prevent Covid-19 Compliance Signs

Compliance Signs are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

At your business, employees and guests need to practice proper hygiene habits so an airborne-disease outbreak does not occur. Even so, you might find it difficult to monitor each individual inside the establishment to ensure they are staying clean. With safety signs displayed in your building, each person can be informed of how to reduce the risk of spreading pathogens that might harm others.

The metal compliance signs from BannerBuzz are made of robust sheet aluminum that is 0.046 inches for durability. The sturdy metal has high tensile strength to withstand bending and torsion. Being resistant to corrosion, ductility and thermal conductivity, the signs are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Treated with care, the signs will last for an extended period to give you an excellent return on your investment.

Full color graphics on the metal precaution signs are printed using UV-stable ink. This type of high-quality ink resists fading from sunlight exposure for long-lasting signage. The white and blue color scheme sets off the bold text to attract a person's attention and conveys the message clearly, educating onlookers about the five methods of prevention, to aid in maintaining a healthy workplace.

There is a robust selection of sizes to choose from for your printed signs. If there is a space on your wall reserved for the sign, you are sure to find a size that fits well within that space.

Safety Signs are Portable and Ready to Use

Portable, the unmounted compliance signs are easy to carry, store, and transport for relocation. Whenever you need to enforce good health practices, you can move the sign to a new location for additional exposure in a new area, to spread awareness at multiple venues. This cuts down on your ad spend by allowing you to reuse the 'do the five' signs, making them a one-time purchase.

Ready-to-use out of the box, the graphics and messages will already be processed on the printed signs when delivered to you. Installation takes only a few moments, so it won't take long for your signs to inform visitors about the five steps. This will allow them to be advised about the prevention of airborne viruses. With fast installation, your workplace can remain productive and healthy indefinitely. Just a few minutes, and your signs are ready to inform visitors and staff about the five steps they can take to aid in the prevention of airborne viruses. With such rapid placement, the informative signs will help to keep your workplace free of illness for uninterrupted productivity.

Compliance Signs are Eligible for Bulk Quantity Discounts

BannerBuzz's safety signs are eligible for bulk order discounts. You can place orders in quantities ranging from 2 to over 500, depending on your individual requirements and overall budget. Whether your business only needs a few signs or requires a large number for many locations, bulk ordering is extremely cost-effective. Reduce your ad spend by choosing the number of Do the Five signs necessary to outfit your entire company.

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