Danger Machine Room Sign

Danger Machine Room Sign

  • Available with mounting holes in each corner.
  • The material used is aluminum sheet.
  • Full color, 600 DPI, UV printing.
  • The hole diameter is 5 to 7mm (approx).
  • Special discounts on bulk orders available.

Made of Aluminum Sheet, our Room Signs are Long-Lasting & Durable

The best way to keep your staff safe from all occupational hazards is by displaying ‘danger - machine room’ signs wherever necessary. These room signs come with excellent printing and easy-to-read letters. Anyone entering the room is bound to notice this sign without fail and tread with caution.

Our room signs are made with aluminum material with a graphic thickness of 1.2mm. The material is known for being strong and sturdy.. Beingrust-free, it also provides excellent resistance to the outside weather conditions. Regardless of whether it is a sunny day or a rainy one, you can be assured that your signs will last for years without any damage.

Our room signs come in different sizes - 8 inch x 3 inch, 12 inch x 4 inch, 7 inch x 5 inch, 10 inch x 7 inch, 14 inch x 10 inch, 20 inch x 14 inch, and 28 inch x 20 inch. You can also opt for the size of your choice depending upon your requirements.

Being lightweight, the signs are easy to install. They come with a corner radius of 1" and a hole diameter of 5 to 7 mm (approx).

Suitable For Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

Our room signs are printed using full-color, 600 DPI, and UV-resistant technology. This helps the signs get the best color match, a longer print life, and clarity. It also ensures that the signs look visually pleasing to anyone reading them.

This printing is done on white vinyl and then pasted on the aluminum sheet to make the room signs long-lasting and durable.

It's Raining Discounts on Bulk Orders

Want to order in bulk? Good news - we give all our customers a special discount depending on the quantity of their purchase. Shop online for your room signs and get your special discount.