Covid-19 Testing Please Wait in your Car Yard Signs (Non reflective)

Covid-19 Testing Please Wait in your Car Yard Signs (Non reflective)

  • Sturdy 5mm, 890 GSM Corflute graphics and durable hardware components resist wear and tear.
  • Pre-designed graphics allow for quick and convenient installation.
  • Various sizes and printing options deliver unique, custom signs.
  • Full-color, 600 DPI prints provide a high-end look and reliable visibility.

Create Awareness at Testing Centers with Wait in Your Car Yard Signs

Yard Signs are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

Health facilities and disease testing centers need people to remain in their vehicles to avoid crowding and unnecessary interactions during mass testing. An efficient means of communication is necessary to remind people to observe social distance. Installing our full color yard signs in parking lots and at curbs, driveways, and entryways organizes people beforehand to wait in cars for their turn at the testing booth. These double-sided signs incorporate pre-printed graphics with a vivid message that reads COVID-19 Testing, Please Wait in Your Car, so you can set them up quickly wherever convenient.

The outdoor signs feature 5mm thick 890 GSM weather-resistant corflute plastic, which offers reliable protection against water and extreme conditions. They are effectively resistant to wear and tear, making them durable for outdoor installation. These testing communication solutions can serve your facility for a long time.

Every message detail is easily legible from a distance with the 600 DPI printing on these two-sided yard signs. Full-color direct UV printing produces vivid prints with consistent color, resulting in reliable communication. Because of their high-quality appearance, our signage solutions stand out and attract attention wherever you place them, ensuring that visitors get the message to remain in their vehicles for testing.

To meet the specific needs of different brands, customization options include two-sided printing only, metal stakes only, or both. There are various size options available, and you can customize the displays to suit your business requirements. This allows our outdoor signs to stand out from the crowd and provide a reliable return on investment for your company.

Full Color Yard Signs are Portable and Ready-to-use

These lawn signs comprise premium lightweight materials and are highly portable, allowing for relocation and storage as needed. You can move and display them elsewhere with minimal effort required. Because of their portability, these signage solutions are simple to store and set up.

Our outdoor signs have a preprinted alert message and are ready for installation in a matter of minutes. The metal stakes signage option includes two 9-gauge galvanized steel bars that are 24 inches long, compatible with the majority of Coroplast sign sizes. Simply insert the metal stakes into the ground directly beneath the sign to complete the installation. As the signs are ready-to-use upon receipt, you can immediately notify drivers that they need to stay in their cars for testing.

Yard Signs are Environment Friendly

Eco-solvent printing on our full-color yard signs not only produces a high-quality finish, but it is also environmentally sustainable and recyclable, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. Installing eco-friendly signs assists your facility in fulfilling its social responsibility to the environment and improves your company image.

Lawn Signs for Creating Awareness and Communicating Precautions at Testing Facilities

Effectively create awareness with durable, portable, and high-quality Testing Please Wait in Your Car signs.

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