Covid-19 Screening This Way Floor Decals

Covid-19 Screening This Way Floor Decals

  • Durable monomeric PVC stands up to heavy wear.
  • Sharp and legible 720 DPI printing is easy to read.
  • Select square shaped decals in a range of sizes.
  • Eco-solvent inks are long-lasting and environment friendly.
  • Decals are pre-printed and include adhesive backs for immediate application.
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Direct Visitors Towards Screening Facilities with Screening This Way Floor Decals

Floor Decals are Durable, Customizable, and High-Quality

Persons seeking health screenings may not be familiar with the layout of a facility and busy staff may not have time to provide directions. Additionally, areas with limited space might not accommodate extra signage. Using floor decals allows for placing visual markers in an alternate location still visible to patients while taking up less space. Multiple decals continue to provide guidance as the path winds through corridors.

Made of monomeric PVC, these decals are long-lasting and durable, with PVC standing up not only to the abrasion of foot traffic but also to weathering from the elements in outdoor applications. It also withstands chemical exposure, making it suitable for use in hospital environments. With a glue peel strength of 12N/25mm, these pvc decals stay securely in place while still being removable.

Printed at 720 DPI, the text on each full color decal is sharp and clear for easy reading as visitors approach on foot and from different angles. Full color printing also produces a vibrant background shade and bright text colors that draw the eye and make people more likely to notice the directional message. With these high-quality graphics, it's easy to guide visitors to the testing location, saving your staff time and energy.

Choose floor stickers in various square sizes or designate a custom size to fit the available floor space. Text printing is available in all white, partial white. or no white, providing the choice to create a unified or a coordinating color scheme that makes the decal stand out.

PVC Decals are Eco-Friendly and Ready to Use

The printing process used to create these full color decals uses eco-solvent inks, meaning that no solvents are released into the air. This reduces the emission footprint and makes the decals an environmentally responsible choice. Eco-solvent inks also bond strongly to the PVC, enhancing their fixative properties.

Floor stickers are pre-printed with directional arrows and text instructions, saving time and effort for the marketing and design teams. There's no need for additional cutting to size or printing, so they are ready for application to floor spaces right out of the box. You won't have to brush or spray any adhesive onto the floor, as it's already provided on the back; simply stick the decals in place.

Floor Decals are Easy to Apply

The PVC decals include a convenient squeegee tool for applying them smoothly and evenly to floors without leaving creases or air bubbles behind. This tool also aids in maintaining consistent pressure during application. Decals stick easily to most hard floors, such as tile or laminate, and are suitable for adhering to walls where permitted.

Direct Patients to Testing Locations with Floor Stickers

Send visitors in the correct direction to receive health screenings with resilient and easy-to-install PVC decals.

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