Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Metal Frames

Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Metal Frames

  • Our frames comprise MS CRC material that resists daily wear and tear.
  • Full color UV printing involved in the printing process results in enhanced quality graphics.
  • The metal sign frames are lightweight, making them portable and easy to install.
  • Easily customizable with options to modify graphics, frames and number of printed panels.

Clearly Communicate Cautionary Messages with Metal Sign Frames

Coronavirus Metal Sign Frames are Durable, High Quality, and Easy to Install

To avoid the spread of infectious pathogens, every institution requires means of clear visual communication of critical safety warnings. These customizable outdoor sign frames are the ideal method to advise visitors to halt if they exhibit symptoms, since they effectively express the requirement of undertaking precautionary measures against airborne diseases to employees, customers, and passers-by. They offer you the opportunity to encapsulate your message in a sturdy frame while reminding viewers to take appropriate safety measures if displaying symptoms.

The outdoor sign frames hold corflute graphics, which consist of sturdy polypropylene, making them strong and durable. This material, coupled with an 890 GSM weight, makes the graphics resistant to moisture and daily wear and tear for long-lasting use, allowing you to communicate that those with Coronavirus symptoms must stop on sight for the duration of the necessity.

Our metal sign frames' graphics are of exceptional quality because of their full color 600 DPI print. The visuals are bright and crisp, so they're visible from afar and communicate messages efficiently. Our UV printing method ensures that the graphics last a long time, protected from damaging UV radiation. This means the signs allow for use indoors and out without fading.

Corflute material makes these stop coronavirus metal frames lightweight and portable. They are straightforward to install, place, and reposition as per your requirements. Easily moved and used in different locations, they also help increase the ROI ratio, making them a smartly budgeted tool for communicating information. Display them in entryways or in key outdoor locations so visitors have a quick view of the informative metal frames and know to immediately stop if they're experiencing symptoms.

Outdoor Sign Frames are Customizable and Easy to Procure

The metal sign frames are offered with multiple customization possibilities in terms of graphics, number of printed panels, and frame options. These help you to modify the product as per your requirements. Information can be printed on one side or both, depending on the information that is to be disseminated. If you already have the graphic, you can choose to purchase just the frame. If the message requirements change, you can also choose to replace the existing corflute panels with new advertising panels while reusing the frame. These customization options ensure that there is something for every buyer.

Multiple shipping options and doorstep delivery make the purchase process of stop coronavirus metal frames extremely easy and convenient. You can choose whichever shipping option you prefer based on your budget and the required delivery speed.

Order Metal Sign Frames in Bulk

BannerBuzz fulfills individual requirements as well as those of large and small businesses. We offer the option to purchase products in quantities as low as 2 to over 100. You can also access up to a 20% discount upon making a bulk purchase of these outdoor sign frames.

Metal Sign Frames Offer a Solution for Effective Communication

Clearly communicate the requirement of observing precautionary measures against airborne diseases to your audience with customizable sign frames.

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