Join us on Youtube Live Roll up Banner Stands

Join us on Youtube Live Roll up Banner Stands

  • Aluminum banner stands with durable, polypropylene banners.
  • Banners come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.
  • Printed with full color UV printing for vibrancy.
  • Can be easily moved and stored with portable nature.
  • Made with just three pieces for easy assembly.

Promote Your Streamed Services with YouTube Live Roll up Banner Stands

Church Signs are Customizable, High Quality, and Durable

Places of worship such as churches and religious universities would like a simple way to let patrons know live-stream services are available if attending in person is not viable. If you broadcast weekly services on YouTube, set up YouTube Live roll up banner stands to inform guests the website and time to watch your service online. This allows patrons at home to remain connected to your church so support towards it can continue.

Our advertising banner stands come in anodized-coated 15-millimeter thick aluminum. This is a durable cylinder base that houses a retractable banner made of 1-millimeter thick polypropylene plastic. Both components are connected to a bungee pole with adjusting spring tension so the banner stands upright with ease and stability.

The print on these church roll up banners are made with full color UV printing. This ensures a vibrant and accurate color scheme on each banner with high contrast to display recognizable graphics. 600 DPI is used to give text and graphics sharpness and high resolution so patrons can identify everything on the banner from a distance away.

BannerBuzz's aluminum banner stands come with multiple customization options. You can order your banner in one of several sizes depending on which one you need. Opt to order either the stand or the banner by itself, if your church only needs one component or the other.

Portability and Easy Setup for Roll up Banner Stands

Even when rolled up inside the aluminum base, the church roll up banner is lightweight. This makes the stand highly portable so you can store it anywhere without occupying much space. If you wish to reposition or relocate the stand, you can do this easily without putting the banner back inside the base. The portability features make this stand worth the investment.

The advertising banner stands come ready to use out of the box with the banner already printed onto the fabric. With only three parts to work with, you can assemble the stand in minutes and have it on display as soon as possible. This can save you time and resources that otherwise would go to designing your own signage.

Church Signs are Easy to Care for and Maintain

With polypropylene plastic fabric and anodized aluminum, the church roll up banners are easy to clean and care for. To remove grime, simply wipe both the base and banner with a soft, damp cloth. No cleaning solution is required, so not only do you save time cleaning, but you won't risk damaging the fabric or its graphics.

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