Caution Personal Protection Equipment Required Beyond this Point Metal Frames

Caution Personal Protection Equipment Required Beyond this Point Metal Frames

  • The frames are long-lasting and built of corrosion-resistant aluminum.
  • UV printing and 600 DPI resolution improves readability.
  • Our outdoor sign frames are customizable.
  • Lightweight materials allow for simple installation and increased mobility.

Communicate Precautionary Measures with Caution PPE-Required Metal Frames

Metal Sign Frames are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

Businesses face challenges when communicating preventive precautions to their employees and visitors. Whether it's to reduce the spread of airborne diseases or prevent exposure to chemicals or other hazards, these outdoor sign frames are ideal for displaying a warning notice that encourages people to proceed with care beyond a certain point. Displaying these signs clearly indicates that personnel must wear protective equipment to proceed.

The safety sign frames are made of sturdy aluminum, which is corrosion resistant, allowing you to use them for outdoor applications. The material also has a high tensile strength, which ensures that the frames can withstand the stresses of high winds, transport, and rough handling to last a long time. Waterproof properties of the corflute graphics sheet means you can display the signs outside in any weather.

UV printing and a resolution of 600 DPI provide high-quality prints with colorful finishes that ensure every detail is discernible. The choice of bright colors also improves the signs' visibility and makes them legible from a distance. Direct-to-Corflute printing on these metal sign frames ensures your message is clearly visible in all weather, resulting in safer and more efficient operations.

Our safety sign frames are customizable to meet your business' demands. You can purchase one or two printed panels to increase exposure, with the option of including or excluding a frame. You may also add visuals that are tailored to your requirements.

Portable, Easy to Install, and Ready to Use Outdoor Sign Frames

Lightweight materials make installation simple and allow you to move the signage around as needed. This enables you to strategically place these metal sign frames in your facility where employees and customers will see the message to wear PPE past that point, hence improving safety.

These outdoor sign frames are ready to use, with the words 'Caution Personal Protection Equipment Required Beyond This Point' pre-printed on the graphic panel. As a result, you'll be able to communicate the message promptly after installation, ensuring that activities run safely and smoothly.

Get Discounts When Ordering Metal Sign Frames in Bulk

BannerBuzz safety sign frames are designed for both small businesses and large organizations. Businesses can purchase in numbers ranging from 2 to 100+, depending on their budget and requirements. Enjoy an increased return on your investment and make your facility, building, office space, or retail store safer by installing these PPE caution signs.

Shop for caution PPE Required Beyond this Point metal frames for your business online at BannerBuzz. Enjoy free super saver shipping on all orders above $99.