Seasonal Businesses to Pair with to Garner Leads this Summer

With the onset of the summer season and winter far beyond the horizon, most business owners often wonder what seasonal business ideas they should implement to attract customers. Seasonal businesses work great since customers are always on the lookout and indulge in social gatherings after the dreary winter.

If you are on the lookout for a small business idea that does not demand a year’s worth of commitment, check out these seven seasonal business ideas:

Gardening and Landscaping

Landscaping is a fruitful seasonal business idea for those looking for some fieldwork and good money since several people are looking for lawn caretakers. 

The entry barrier is low, and most states do not demand any certification or licensure for lawn caretaking. While you might have to purchase specialized gardening equipment, most residents have their own tool sets that can be used on-site.


  • Register your landscaping business as a limited liability firm to prevent legal action on your personal assets. This tip is suitable for scenarios where accidents can occur.
  • You must also have a dedicated business checking account to receive payments and purchase supplies.
  • Apply for a business credit card to perform substantial business purchases. Opt for a cash-back business credit card to reinvest those funds back into your business.

House Paint Jobs

Most people prefer summers to perform home renovation, with one of the most common renovations being painting. House painters are in high demand during summer, and thus, you must capitalize on this business idea. If you have decided to open a small house painting store, be sure to advertise it right using frames or banners so that you do not miss out on potential customers.


  • Keep your business account stacked with cash and maintain a decent financial history since the material costs for painting are typically high. Apply for a small loan if your small venture cannot bear the heavy expenses of the job.
  • Keep your credit score high and reinforce your credit history by performing transactions via a business credit card. Using credit cards helps boost credit, which will easily convince lenders to lend you money.

Food Trucks

Whether starting from scratch or expanding your pre-existing restaurant, driving a food truck is a financially sound seasonal business idea since people often look for a quick bite in the heat. A food truck takes you to customers instead of waiting for them to come to you, be it at a park, the beach, or near summertime activities such as concerts and beer festivals.


  • Obtain all necessary licenses, vendor permits, and government sign-offs. Obtaining these documents can get time-consuming, so plan accordingly.
  • If you are in the market for a food truck, opt for an equipment financing loan since they are self-collateralized, making them straightforward to qualify for.
  • Keep your food truck stacked with ingredients. Use a business line of credit to purchase essential goods and materials, as it also helps maintain a good credit score.

Furniture Repair

Spring and summer often see a dozen people in markets looking to purchase various commodities they find attractive. This behavior is further fueled by outdoor markets and garage sales. Make yourself familiar with using a toolbox and a paintbrush so you can venture into furniture restoration and delve into activities such as reclaiming and reselling used furniture.


  • Get a garage or studio space, as furniture restoration requires considerable room.
  • Finance yourself to purchase all the necessary tools required to reupholster, refurbish, and beautify old furniture.
  • Get a training kit to guide you through the process of restoring furniture without further damaging it.

Tour Guide

An outdoor adventure guide is a splendid seasonal business idea for anyone with camping or hiking experience, first aid training, and who knows their way around new people. Be sure to advertise your tour guide business by installing yard signs since they are economical and can attract passersby.


  • Get yourself certified in first aid and CPR. If you wish to set up your own shop, have it filed as a business entity in your state and receive insurance for anyone who might get injured while touring with you.
  • Finance yourself to bear the expenses of equipment, marketing, and supplies. You will require hiking and camping gear, food supplies, and enough capital to spread the word to tourists about your business.

Moving and Relocation Services

Summer is a rather busy season in the real estate sector since several people are shifting to new residences or commercial spaces. These folks need help to move comfortably into their new residence. If you can efficiently pack and handle bulky furniture, start a seasonal moving service with appropriate transportation and labor to carry heavy items.


  • Invest in a van or truck and miscellaneous items, such as tape and moving blankets. Apply for a loan if you cannot bear the expenses by yourself, whether purchasing a moving truck or restocking supplies. 
  • If you hire a mover and packing team, leave some room in your planned budget to account for payroll.

Pool Cleaners

Everyone loves to take a big splash into the pool, and what better season than summer to enjoy this activity? However, most owners barely pay attention to its upkeep. All you need is some expertise and the right tools to get the job done, making it a fruitful seasonal business idea that requires minimal effort.


  • Obtain a pool cleaning license from your state, as some require you to have a business license, while others like California and Florida mandate certain years of training and experience. 
  • Register your business entity and get your local permits and the appropriate tools for the job.
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