How to Launch a Successful Grand Reopening: 7 Tips on Coming Back Strong

To make a reopening truly grand, paying attention to the tiniest of details can reap the biggest rewards. Beyond the usual cosmetic fixes to make everything pretty and the business tech adjustments to make sure your company runs smoothly, here are some tips to get the most out of your reopening. 

Look Outward First

Outdoor advertising is a great place to start. When they see your store open again with custom banners and feather flags flying high in front of your store, they are much more likely to come in. Studies have shown that these types of advertisements visible to foot and roadway traffic deliver significant ROI. 

You can also use printed materials such as flyers and postcards to put up on local businesses’ cork boards (reciprocally, of course) or deliver to past and present customers on your mailing list. Special invites to your regulars is a personal touch that can deliver handsomely. Nothing makes customers want to frequent your store than when they feel like part of the family. 

Digital Marketing

A great way to get the most traffic out of your business is to use online marketing. It’s said that if you aren’t on social media, you don’t exist. Have you utilised Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook during the lockdown? If not, are you planning to start using it now? Try to use free services like Canva for quick designs for your online marketing flyers and Mailchimp to circulate them to your customers. 

If you have used these services, it’s time to up your game. Offer discounts or promote sales when your store opens its doors. Be dynamic and think about things from the consumer’s point of view: what would make them need to come into your store as soon as possible. Then get the word out. Using multiple channels is always a great way to generate interest and traffic. Remember, it takes 7 touchpoints to achieve a lasting impression, so every way you can generate one of them is a win. 

Website = Win Site

While you’re beefing up your social presence you can also check on your website. Make sure Google has your correct hours and specifications for your business. Double-check that all of your social media jibes with your website: promos, sales, etc., should be cohesive and consistent. Use announcements on your site to highlight any particular services you’re offering (such as delivery or curbside carry out if you’re a restaurant). Check the latest SEO trends to maximize your Google search ranking to get the most eyeballs you can. Then triple-check any and every detail. You want to be sure you get the most traffic possible on your first day open.

Keep It Clean

While it’s a standard to wear a mask, and a good idea to provide alcohol sanitizer to wipe everything down regularly, sneeze guards/shields are also ideal to put up at the register. Another great way to tell people how seriously you are taking the current situation and their concerns into consideration is through safety signage. Consider even your own guidelines. Are you going to allow customers to pay with cash? Many businesses are reconsidering and only using credit cards as a method of payment as well as contactless payment systems, like Apple Pay.

The Nitty Gritty

Now it’s time to do a walk through of your store. Is everything put together neatly and organized to your specifications? Get creative and think about changing something to surprise customers as soon as they walk in. Try to also see if there are any new things you could offer to entice them to come back more and more as the economy reopens. Maybe offer complimentary coffee as they shop. A seating area to relax and hang out is always a great idea. Maybe improve or expand your inventory. You can attract attention by utilizing banners and signs in and around the store that grab people’s attention as they look around.

Do a sweep of the carpet, paint on the walls, and shelving. Does anything look like it can be improved or replaced before your grand opening? Look around for inspiration as well on as Pinterest. Take the time to make sure it’s a place they would be happy to walk into either for the first time or once again. Studies show customers report looks as being an important factor when they’re choosing to enter a store – or not enter. How would you redo your original grand opening? Now is your chance!

Office Prep Time for Game Time

What are some small projects you have been meaning to do but had no time for before? Audit HR files. Take time to learn about your employees and what their concerns are with reopening, taking stock of any health concerns they may have; you never know who has the next best idea. Also, see if there is anything new you would like to offer. For example, many businesses are offering masks and hand sanitizer. Some brilliant marketers were giving away a roll of toilet paper with each carryout, pickup, or delivery. What can you do to change the game once your business reopens?

Stay Positive

Reopening can be a little scary. While things may seem frightening right now, it’s important to be a leader for your customers and your community. Show them that not only are they safe in your business but can also count on what you offer to get them through these hard times, be it essentials or for that buzz of excitement that comes from buying something new. Know that there will be normal and better days ahead while you create the best you can for today. 

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