How Small Businesses Can Make the Most of the 4th of July: 7 Tips for Celebrating a Successful Reopening Holiday

This July 4th is going to be the most unique in recent memory. With social distancing still, the norm and our lives just beginning to return to some degree of normalcy, taking advantage of the first big holiday is crucial to getting re-started on the right foot. The question is, what can you do on a marketing and advertising budget that is now severely limited by three months of little to no activity? The answer is relatively easy: get the most bang for your buck.

 Go Big or Go Big

There are no two ways about it: large custom banners are a proven way to garner increased walk-in and drive-by traffic into your store. The more colorful they are, the effect they are as well. Studies show that full color vs two colors or three-color is no contest. Full color brings in results at a significantly larger percentage. The best part is they are not only easily customizable as well as mobile but surprisingly inexpensive. You can put them anywhere. Move them to find the spots where they are seen the most and watch them pay dividends.

Flag ‘em Down

Flags and inflatables are also great attention grabbers. Placed by the roadside, flags announce something exciting happening. We all subconsciously attach importance to flags, so why not use them to your advantage. And inflatable men, due to their movement, also captures our attention on a subconscious level. Combined with flags and well-placed banners, your overall message can cover a large area without breaking the bank.

Neither Snow nor Rain…

…nor heat nor gloom of night stays USPS couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. For you, that means creating inventive and unique mailers to your customer base is a great way to let them know all about your upcoming event. Give them

Promotions are King

We know, people say a lot of things are king. But coming out of lockdown, doing things that get people to your store is extremely important. Since the 4th of July is such an iconic day for barbecuing, roll in a large grill and smoker and have a bargain lunch special. Burgers, dogs, ribs, tri-tip – turn your inner Emeril Lagasse lose (or one of your employee’s inner Emeril) and take it up a notch. Offer a steal of a deal on lunch and maybe a coupon with purchase. The cost of renting the equipment is surprisingly inexpensive. You can also go into a partnership with a local eatery and co-promote the event. Creating win-win scenarios is always the best way to go. Getting your 4th of July Sale topped-up with win-win scenarios is the best way to go about it.

Organize a Block Party

Team up with neighboring businesses and throw yourselves a party. Go old school with a sidewalk sale. Get the grill and smoker going with the restaurant on the corner. Lemonade stands and beer tents are winners as well. By making it a block party, you have ample room to continue social distancing while enjoying the summer weather and interacting with the entire community.

Be Safe

Showing customers you care about them is critical. Right now, that means safety signs to make sure everyone is following the CDC’s recommended guidelines for reopening. It’s also important for all of your staff to be wearing masks and gloves. We are all keen to rejoin society, so doing your part to do it right will go a long way with your customers. an extra incentive with a special coupon code for returning customers. Or special access to your sale before the general public. Everybody loves to be part of the exclusive set. 


Not only do we all love being a part of the exclusive set, we also love getting free stuff. Post-COVID T-shirts, stickers, decals – don’t limit your creativity. Come up with a plan that fits your budget as you put your reopening event(s) together and see what makes sense. After all, those free gifts are walking billboards. They can help you build momentum for your next big Labor Day event.

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