6 Ways Table Covers and Throws Can Enhance Visual Appeal and Boost Your Business

Whether you’re a new business or established, an e-commerce setup or a brick-and-mortar retail store, it is essential to create awareness about your brand, not just to attract new customers, but also remain engaged with your existing clients. 

To do this, branding, advertising, and marketing are integral and indispensable tools to focus on in running your business. 

Why Branding Matters

In today’s competitive landscape, it can be a task to differentiate your business from the rest. Every company wants to set itself apart and leave an impact on customers. This is where branding can make a significant difference and strengthen the bond your business shares with the customers.

When your branding strategy is perfected, it becomes easier for customers to recall your company’s name when making a decision on buying. Moreover, branding can enhance the experience of customers and increase the likelihood of them returning

Merchandising 101

The way you display merchandise in your store can make or break a customer’s decision to buy. Human beings are highly visual in nature and process information faster than ones that rely on other senses – approximately 60,000 times faster according to 3M Corporation research. It is also the reason why people still prefer to see products in retail stores, even if they could buy it online.

Imagine a display, using the walls and windows of one of your stores, to create an environment that enhances the appeal of your products. You can also use plants, signage, and light fixtures creatively to improve the visual appeal of your store. Customers will not only admire your display, but also imagine a space in their own home where your product could look just as good.

Versatile Branding Components

Another way to deliver an immersive experience for your customers is by using table covers and banner stands. You can customize your table covers and table throws when exhibiting your products in trade shows or inside your retail stores.

Similarly, banner stands can help you promote your ongoing offers, promotional items, or new product launches more effectively. They’re also portable, easily movable from one location to another to maximize their effectiveness. Banner stands are also highly effective at attracting customers when you are exhibiting at a trade expo.

Present Your Promotions Effectively

With so many new businesses regularly entering the marketplace, it can become challenging to sustain a long relationship with your customers. Promotions help in expanding the reach of your company, nurturing existing relationships, and in growing your business. They can directly boost sales, target shoppers more actively, and create a space for new products in the market.

Unless you create awareness; however, your promotions may not yield the results you’re aiming for. To aid in that endeavor, banner stands are an effective tool to spread the word about promotions. You can install banner stands within your outlet, outside your store, or at trade shows to increase your visibility and reach more customers. 

Cross-Promote Your Products

Liaising with other brands that are in a non-competing space is always a good idea to reach customers that have common interests. Cross-promotions can help in doubling the reach when used right. Moreover, when two businesses come together, you can exchange information that in turn enhances your profitability.

There are several ways to cross-promote products. For instance, you can dedicate a small section in your store to a partner’s products. In exchange, you can display your products in their outlet. While doing this, make sure that you use branded table covers and table throws to create awareness about your brand.

Drive Impulse Purchases

Did you know that impulse purchasing holds a significant proportion of consumer spending? It’s most effective to take advantage of this impulse in brick-and-mortar stores, where visual merchandising can influence the shoppers to buy on impulse.

To encourage your customers to shop on a whim, the golden rule is to improve the visibility of your products. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use signage and banner stands. Another proven way is to place your products at the checkout zone. Customers reaching the cash counter are already in the mood to buy, and it is easier to influence them to buy more.

Choosing the Right Materials and Sizes

To make an impact on the customers, you have to pay great attention to detail. Your advertising and marketing tools should be of superior quality, or else your efforts may go down the drain.

For instance, when buying a table cover, make sure that the fabric is of premium quality. It should retain its shine after multiple washes and should be of the right size: not be too long or short on the table. It is best to customize everything to your specific measurements in order to suit your needs down to the inch.

Final Words

Your branding strategy can make a great deal of difference in making your business profitable and successful. With the tips given above, you can enhance the visual appeal of your brand to strengthen your bond with the customers.

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