5 Reasons This Holiday Season Is Perfect to Use Direct Mail Marketing

As a business owner, direct mail marketing may not seem too attractive to you. After all, we live in a digital world where everything happens through clicks or scrolling. However, did you know that direct mail advertising is a $7.6 billion market? 

Don’t worry if you’ve been neglecting direct mail. With the holiday season upon us, now is a good time to start. After all, it’s the season when the customers are motivated to make purchases and try new things.

Here is a roundup of everything you need to know about direct mail marketing.

Difference Between Direct Mails and Emails

Email is certainly a popular marketing option in this digital age, where everyone is comfortable in the company of their gadgets. However, did you know that the majority of Americans feel emails aren’t personal? Direct mail, however, resonates with the consumers. While emails last around two seconds in an inbox, direct mail has a lifespan of seventeen days.

Tactile marketing products create high-converting customer touchpoints and you can make direct mail even more effective if you offer something valuable to the reader. An exclusive discount, product tutorials, or industry-related insights are examples of meaningful content. 

Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Advertising is essential for increasing brand awareness, promoting upcoming sales or sharing new product launches. It’s important to use several advertising tools, like banner stands, and promotional items to boost your sales. Using proper signage and merchandising techniques takes the cognitive load off of customers while they shop and creates a positive experience.

Direct mail can also improve the customer experience by creating deeper connections between your brand and your clientele. Print QR codes on mailed coupons, send existing customers special discounts for their birthday, or create personalized invitations to in-store events. Just be sure to keep your message simple, your fonts scannable, and your color palette on brand for a high-converting direct mail strategy. 

Effective Referral Programs

Although you could create referral programs in several ways, through in person chats, email, and telephone calls, using direct mail can perhaps give you better results. Direct mail referrals work because you have control over the process and know how many referrals are in the market. The fact that you can track mail campaigns and customize your referral programs only adds to direct mail’s list of benefits.

Several businesses use the holiday season to launch referral programs that entice new customers. You, too, can give your sales a boost and ensure a jolly season for your store this holiday. Send targeted campaigns to customers in your community and recruit new business with holiday discounts and special offers. 

Holiday Greetings

Direct mail is something tangible you can give to your customers. With a card or flyer, there is a better probability of customers recalling your brand than if you relied solely on email greetings. 

You can customize your holiday greetings to help your brand resonate with consumers this season. Send special offers or small gifts to show your appreciation. This tactic keeps your brand on customers’ radar for holiday shopping.

Spread the Word About Promotions and Events

Events and promotions are an important part of generating new business opportunities. However, you must first successfully promote your events to secure the desired turnout. In addition to storefront banners and in-store displays, direct mail and social media campaigns provide comprehensive marketing channels to get your message out. 

When you create direct mail campaigns for your upcoming events, include key information like special guests, product launch announcements, a brief event itinerary, etc. You can repurpose this information for social media posts to maximize your outreach. Moreover, a giveaway can be an effective way to increase foot traffic. 

For example, you could highlight a popular item that you will be giving away at your event. Print direct mailers with raffle codes and have a drawing during your event. This strategy incentivizes mail recipients to connect with your business at promotional events. 

‘Tis the Season to Spread Cheer

The holiday season is the perfect segue for following up with new business leads or reconnecting with vendors, business partners, and colleagues. Direct mail can be a powerful marketing tool to facilitate these conversations. Keep your holiday greeting simple and authentic for the best result. These holiday marketing strategies are affordable and effective ways to connect with customers, strengthen business relationships, and boost sales.  

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