6 Features Needed for Your Business’ Website

Your website may be the first point of exposure many potential customers will have to your business. Having a robust digital presence can prove to be instrumental for your brand’s marketing efforts, even if you run your business primarily offline.Your website can serve as a way to introduce yourself to new prospects and keep the existing ones engaged. 

Based on your industry and the type of business you have, you can customize your website with appropriate content and tools. Read on to know some of the top features that your business website should have to ensure maximum conversions and consistent revenue generation.

Contact Information

Contact information is one of the most crucial features that your website should have. Some of this information includes your business location (with a map), email address, phone number, and/or contact form. It is important to remember that this information should preferably be placed on the top of your homepage, so that it is conveniently visible before scrolling down.

You can also include other information pertaining to your business, such as your specific hours of operation, social media pages, and more, either on the homepage or in frames at the physical store.

Apart from this, make sure to display your navigation bar at the top of every website page. When people visit, they want to experience seamless navigation. If they are able to explore the website easily, only then can they find exactly what they are looking for and thus go from a visitor to a customer. 

Visual Elements

When you want to attract website visitors, visual elements such as videos, graphics, and images play an essential role in web design. This is simply because consumers are often driven by the aesthetics of a product and the benefits it offers.

Incorporating visuals, such as eye-catching images and engaging videos of your product or service, will help you entice website visitors, and the chances of them doing business with you will be high. The best way to do this is to add images and videos where they will be the most useful to website visitors.

Strong and Professional Branding

Small businesses often underestimate the importance of branding among so many other aspects of managing their operations. However, strong and professional branding is a must for ensuring the success of any business.

Right from your domain name and the colors you choose, everything that represents your business should be integrated and offer a cohesive experience to users. This not only helps people identify and remember you, but also enhances the chances of making your business successful.

Some of the other things you need to take care of here include a professional logo, spread on banners and backdrops, and the right colors, fonts, and imagery essential in giving a professional look to your brand.

Strong CTA (Call to Action)

A strong call to action is necessary for a professional-looking and responsive website. It should provide your visitors with a clear step to follow in terms of what to do and what they’ll get out of doing it. For example, instead of “browse the store”, use a stronger CTA such as “Shop Now” and use buttons, rather than text, to ensure that your calls to action stand out.

To ensure that your CTA is impactful, you may also want your visitors to sign up for exclusive online coupons, contact you for free discounts or quotes, or add products to the online shopping cart. Make sure to strategically place CTAs in your content to organically enhance conversions.

Responsive Website

When people look at your website, they might use various devices, including laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets. Therefore, it is crucial that your website is mobile-friendly or responsive. You can do this in two different ways: the first is to create a separate website with a URL similar to your website. These sites are specifically designed just for mobile devices and require a separate website, host, domain, URL, etc.

The second option is to make use of a web development platform that will automatically adjust the website to the respective device. The important thing; however, is to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly because top search engines like Google are now giving preference to responsive websites while ranking them.

Relevant and Engaging Content

Regardless of the types of goods and services you offer, having additional related and engaging content on your website is an excellent way to attract new visitors. The best way to ensure this is to visit different forums related to your industry and see the kind of questions users are asking. You can also use a keyword tool such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find out what customers and prospects are searching for online.

Apart from this, make sure that any content you create is easy to share on social media. Having useful, relevant, and engaging content will act as a marketing tool in and of itself and encourage your website visitors to spread the word as well.

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