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Related Categories Cross Base
  • Cross Base

    Cross Base Cross base is ideal to use for hard surface ground. It is the most suitable base for flag banners. Specifications: Leg length- 45cm Weight- 3.1kg Material- #45 steel

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    $49.00 only
  • Spike Base

    Spike Base A ground flag spike base provides stability to the flag in outdoor environments. Simply attach the flag to the base and pin it into the ground. You will no longer have to worry about winds blowing the flag away in outdoor environments. For more information about our sign accessories and…

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    $7.99 only
  • Square Base

    Square Base The square base is specially designed for pinpoint flags to provide them greater stability. Best suitable for outdoor windy conditions Specifications: Square base for pinpoint flag Size- 300 x 300 mm Weight- 3.2kg Material- #45 steel

    $59.00 only
  • Water Bag Base

    Water Bag Base The water bag provides greater stability to the flag. It can be used with the cross base to provide more support Note- Base is not included Specifications: Diameter- 52cm Inner hole- 10cm Capacity- 15L

    $4.99 only
  • Deluxe Wide Base Single-screen Roll Up Banner Stands

    …benefits of a regular roll-up banner stand. For example, they are six inches wider, so you have more area on which to showcase your message. The wider base also gives the stand greater stability. Elegant Design These deluxe portable display stands are much more elegant than the standard models. They…

    2' x 6.5' starts at @ $96.85 only
  • Deluxe Wide Base Double-screen Roll Up Banner Stands

    …exposure in two ways. Most important is that the prints can be viewed from both sides, helping you reach twice as many people. In addition, the base is six inches wider than our regular roll up banner stands, so the banners themselves are wider. These vertical banners with stands are popular outside…

    2.5' x 6.5' starts at @ $140.00 only
  • Backlit Film

    BannerBuzz was founded with one mission in mind, to provide clients with the best banners and the best in printing and design. This is one of the main reasons that our backlit film printing practices and materials are second to none! Plus, not only do we do it fast, but we do it well. What's the…

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    1' x 1' starts at @ $8.00 only
  • Giant Check

    Everybody Wants a Big Check! It’s always a great photo of your company representative handing a really big check to a deserving charity or prizewinner. With oversized checks from BannerBuzz, you can make that presentation a memorable one for everyone! Write That Big Check . . . Without Writing a Big…

    2' x 1.5' starts at @ $36.56 only
  • Giant Flag Pole

    To make signs stand out, the giant flag pole is the best choice to support banners. Flexible and tall enough to make everyone take notice, the giant flag pole stand lasts through weather of all severity. Whether it is needed for a long time or only on occasion, the banner display stand is ideal for…

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    2.63' x 10.17' starts at @ $330.00 only
  • Windsign

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    2' x 3' starts at @ $179.76 only
  • Wheeled Snap In

    While slightly smaller than the more commonly used wind signs, the 36"×24" wheeled, snap-in makes up for it with its rugged good looks and durability. Graphics snap in easily to allow for you to effortlessly change your advertising message and with a 24" wide by 36" tall panel, there's plenty of…

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    2' x 3' starts at @ $272.16 only
  • Baby Step 33.5'' Retractable Banner Stand

    The Babystep Retractable Banner Stand has the same reliable components as our flagship product the Silverstep, only in a smaller form. Just like our other top quality retractables, you will find the Baby Step easy to set up, easy to update the graphics, and adjustable. Perfect for your next event.

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    33.5" x 69" starts at @ $112.97 only
Related Categories Cross Base
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1 - 12 of 80