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Bamboo X banner Stands
  • Bamboo X banner Stands
  • Bamboo X banner Stands
  • Bamboo X banner Stands
  • Bamboo X banner Stands
  • Bamboo X banner Stands

Bamboo X banner Stands


Concerned about the Environment? Market with Bamboo X Banner Stands

  • Can be easily assembled and dismantled
  • Generally used indoors
  • Made from natural Bamboo and comes with Free bag

Want to Combine Form with Function? Bamboo X Banner Stands Are a Natural.

The natural warmth and beauty of bamboo will showcase your banner display stand in upscale style. And the inherent strength of bamboo combined with the X design of the stand, will hold your banner securely. In addition, bamboo is a renewable resource. It grows back amazingly fast and it's a grass. So you can feel good about not destroying any trees.

An X-cellent choice for flexibility and economy

Bamboo X banner stands are designed to support larger banners. Simply fasten each corner of the banner to the rods that form the stand and your message will be anchored in place. Banners are printed on processed cloth material (plastic satin). They can be taken down easily and interchanged with other banners, allowing you to get many years of use out of the stand.

The bamboo X banner stands are lighter weight and cost less than the bamboo roll-up stands, but they are not as easy to transport. These types of banner display stands are ideal for indoor events, malls, retail promotions, directing people to seminars in hotels, highlighting specials in restaurants, and reinforcing points in business meetings.

If a bamboo X banner stand is what you need, give us a call. We are X-perts!

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Korean Style X Banner Stands
2' x 5' Starts at $38.35
Adjustable X Banner Stands
2.5' x 5' Starts at $51.35
Bamboo Roll Up Stands
2.5' x 6.5' Starts at $122.85
TableTop Banner Stands
0.67' x 1' (8" x 12") Starts at $19.55