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Backlit Banners

Want to add more color depth to your image-try our backlit banners
  • Special translucent versatile material that makes the image in the banner “luminescent.”
  • 6-8 pass high resolution printing for even color disturbiton and brig colors
  • Heavy material and UV resistance ink for more outdoor life
  • Get the seamless product up to 10ft width or height
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Backlit Banners

Material:High Quality PVC Backlit Flex

Weight:16 Oz

Color:White Front / White Back

Application:Indoor or outdoor sign and billboard applications, water proof and UV safe.

Printing:Full Color, 720DPI, 1080DPI, Solvent Digital Printing, Eco Solvent.

Note:Use Proper Light , color will appear darker in day time or without light. Maximum size available in 1pc is 120" x 145ft.

Backlit banners can showcase your company's brand all day and night because the material allows the custom banner to shine through many light sources

Banners are a great way to grab attention, but the durable vinyl can make it difficult to illuminate the custom banner during evening hours. Make the most out of your display with a backlit banner. These custom banners are made of thick backlit printing materials, but they reflect nearby light sources to ensure onlookers will be able to see the backlit posters from any direction.

Typically used outdoors or on billboards, backlit banners give business owners the freedom to attract customers toward their storefront during all hours of the day. Through the support of BannerBuzz's high-quality backlit printing equipment, all backlit banners are beautifully made with additional capabilities. These custom banners can be used year-round because they are also weather-resistant.

Maximize the use of your company's custom banner by properly taking care of the backlit printing product. Doing so will prevent your staff from having to buy another banner for five years. Backlit banners and backlit posters can be used to identify where a business is, provide directions, or promote special offers. Businesses can choose from a template of backlit banners or make their own using BannerBuzz's web application.

Interested in other backlit banners? Check out our backlit film printing services. Contact us with questions regarding backlit printing, a complementary art proof, or free shipping. BannerBuzz will respond to every inquiry because we want each customer who uses our services to be happy.

Ask about Backlit Banners and get answer in email.

Question and answer about Backlit Banners

Q: Are these backlit signs that I can replace the printed cover of? Any additional information about this product would be great. Thanks.

A: Please refer to our description tab of this product for information we have provided.

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Q: What is the thickness of a standard backlit banner?

A: The backlit material is 17 oz. Thank you for your question.

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Q: Can this be used on the INSIDE of a window? What will it look like from the outside?

A: Hi Kim:Backlit banners are for outdoor use only. Backlit banners are made of thick material but they reflect nearby light sources to ensure onlookers will be able to see the banner from any direction. Thank you for your question.Thank you,Vonda

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Q: I have a sign box with fluorescent tubes with NO WHITE LEXAN FACE. Will the backlit film work?

A: Yes, it will work.

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