ANSI DANGER No Clearance Sign

ANSI DANGER No Clearance Sign

  • High-definition signs in full-color, UV print.
  • The base metal for the sign is 1.2mm thick aluminum.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Available in five standard sizes.
  • Excellent finishing of rounded corners and mounting holes.

Prevent Accidents and Ensure Safety With ANSI Danger No Clearance Signs

Vehicles that try to pass through a low clearance area may get stuck at the openings. At the same time, the possibility of accidents also poses a threat to the vehicle and can put life and limb at risk. But now, you can prevent all that with our ANSI Danger No Clearance Sign. It warns vehicles that they will be unable to clear the oncoming obstruction.

Aside from alerting the potential dangers of any upcoming obstruction, the ANSI Danger No Clearance Sign also saves time, money, and resources that would otherwise go waste in fixing such a situation. Hence, it addresses any measures for curative and preventive safety.

Our ANSI Danger No Clearance Signs are made from industry-grade aluminum and professionally printed for high visibility. As a result, they will deliver your message clearly and effectively.

ANSI Compliant No Clearance Signs to Deliver a Clear, Unambiguous Message

The ANSI Danger No Clearance Sign is in compliance with the format mandated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). For starters, it carries the header “Danger,” which corresponds to hazardous situations that can even result in death or serious injury. The use of the prescribed color scheme of red, black, and white also captures the viewer’s attention.

Additionally, the ANSI Danger No Clearance Sign also carries a symbolic representation to ensure that the message is sent across even if the reader is not well-conversant in English. Hence, one way or another, you will successfully alert the reader and make the place safer.

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