ANSI DANGER Elevator Shaft Way Sign

ANSI DANGER Elevator Shaft Way Sign

  • Durable safety signs printed on aluminum sheets of 1.2mm thickness.
  • Mounting holes are provided on all corners of the sign.
  • Professionally UV printed signs in full color and 600 DPI.
  • The rounded corners offer a smooth and perfect finishing.

Alert Personnel on the Presence of Elevator Shafts Using ANSI Danger Elevator Shaft Way Sign

Place our ANSI Danger Elevator Shaft Way Signs near elevator shafts to warn personnel regarding its presence. It alerts them to the potential threat to life with the “Danger” header. Sharing such critical information maintains that individuals conduct themselves appropriately to foster safety and compliance.

As the name suggests, our ANSI Signs are compliant with the ANSI format, which makes the signs easy to read and comprehend. The prescribed color scheme also impresses upon the gravity of the message.

The Sign is available in seven different standard sizes that range from 8” x 3” to 28” x 20”. We also extend the option to customize the signs depending on your design or size preferences.

All our signs are pre-printed and ready to ship. As a result, BannerBuzz is the quickest way to make your workplace or other facilities safer and more compliant.

ANSI Danger Elevator Shaft Way Signs That Can Be Conveniently Installed Anywhere

Alerting users regarding the presence of elevator shaft ways is a standard safety practice. It is particularly useful while offering fire safety guidance. Hence, you may have to install these Danger Sign on the wall or suspend them above stairs or elsewhere. Hence, these signs come with pre-cleared mounting holes that allow you to set it up in any of these places conveniently.

You can install them using mounting studs, nails, screws, wires, chains, ties, and self-adhesive tape depending on the hardware or material available and based on the surface against which you wish to install the sign.

Choose From a Variety of Custom ANSI Signs

The ANSI Sign is just one of our many offerings. In fact, we have a rich library of signs for elevator-related safety signage, such as elevator out-of-order, maximum load capacity, elevator pit warning, and more.

Additionally, we offer a bouquet of other safety and compliance signs that are in accordance with the ANSI or OSHA format. Our printing experts can design bespoke signs as per your requirements. So contact us now.