ANSI CAUTION Low Head Room Sign

ANSI CAUTION Low Head Room Sign

  • High-quality ANSI Caution Low Head Room Sign in Aluminum.
  • Signs are available in multiple sizes.
  • Ready to ship pre-made signs.
  • Headrooms signs offer long-lasting durability.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage.

Choose ANSI-Compliant Caution: Low Head Room Sign For Safety

Keep your workers, machine operators, inspectors, and visitors safe from machine hazards and overhangs with our ANSI Caution Low Head Room Signs. These notify them of areas with low clearance to prevent any minor or moderate injury, especially to the head.

The ANSI Caution Signs are in portrait orientation and available in five standard sizes of 7in x 5in, 10in x 7in, 14in x 10in, 20in x 14in, and 28in x 20in.

We use clear typography and high-contrast colors of white, black, and yellow - all of which offer a high degree of visibility and optical clarity to the Signs. And so, one can view it from anywhere.

All our industrial and safety signs are in accordance with the ANSI and OSHA designs with correct headers like CAUTION, WARNING, etc., to ensure compliance.

Use Our Cautionary Low Headroom Sign at Any Spot You Like

These Low Head Room Signs are manufactured from industrial grade aluminum sheet that is 1.2mm thick and promises long-lasting durability. Additionally, these signs are coated in a clear, protective laminate which virtually makes them weather-resistant. As a result, you can install them indoors or outdoors as per your requirement.

Additionally, these ANSI Caution Low Head Room Signs come with pre-drilled mounting holes that are available in all four corners. You can install it onto walls using mounting studs. Alternatively, if you wish, you can even secure it using self-adhesive tape.

Premade Low Headroom Signs That Are Ready to Ship

Since all our cautionary signs adhere to the standard design and formats issued by bodies like ANSI and OSHA, these signs are printed in advance and ready to ship.

So whether you wish to purchase the ANSI Caution Low Head Room Sign or the ANSI Caution Low Clearance Sign, we will pack the product in the desired form and the requested quantity and have it shipped to your address in almost no time. We strive to make our customer’s journey, from placing the order to collecting it from their doorstep, nothing less than a walk in the park.