ANSI CAUTION Low Clearance Sign

ANSI CAUTION Low Clearance Sign

  • White vinyl printed and pasted on 1.2mm aluminum sheet.
  • ANSI Caution Low Clearance Signs are pre-printed and ready to ship.
  • Mounting holes are available on all corners.
  • Available in five standard sizes.

Prevent Potential Mishaps With Custom ANSI Caution Low Clearance Sign

Construction sites, industrial areas, warehouses, and confined spaces - these areas may have pockets where the ceiling is low due to overhead obstructions. And here is where our ANSI Caution Low Clearance Sign can come to the rescue. It alerts any employee, staff, visitor, or inspector of such hazards and prevents any form of mishaps.

The Low Clearance Sign clearly indicates the presence of air conditioning ducts, water pipes, cable trays, fire sprinklers, etc., which can pose health and safety risks and could result in minor to moderate injuries. As a result, you can create a safe workplace for all.

Additionally, these signs can be set up anywhere around your facilities, indoors and outdoors, thanks to their pre-fabricated mounting holes. As such, you can install it at a prominent location.

All our ANSI caution signs are highly durable as they are printed on high-quality 1.2mm thick aluminum plates. The final products are laminated to protect the sign from the corrosive effects of external elements, which make them long-lasting.

Sign and Text Low Clearance Signs to Overcome Language Barriers

For starters, the ANSI Caution Low Clearance Sign is manufactured in a way that the text is highly visible. The message “Caution: Low Clearance” is printed on white vinyl, which is then pasted on 1.2mm thick aluminum steel. The use of contrasting colors like white, black, and yellow allows your message to pop out and be seen from anywhere.

Additionally, the low clearance signs also come with a visual sign that essentially conveys “watch out for your head” so that the message continues to remain comprehendible even if the reader is not conversant in English.

Custom ANSI Caution Signs for All Occasions

In addition to the ANSI Caution Low Clearance Sign, we offer a wide variety of other health and safety signs. All our signages are designed in accordance with the ANSI and OSHA guidelines, which improves the regulatory compliance of your business.

So whether you are warning visitors about the floor load capacity or guiding them on how to dispose of waste, our multipurpose ANSI caution signs can suit all occasions.