All Weapons Concealed Firearms Prohibited Sign With Symbol Sign

All Weapons Concealed Firearms Prohibited Sign With Symbol Sign

  • Secure your work or residential premises with weapons prohibited sign.
  • Eliminate ambiguity by putting up weapons prohibited sign with symbols.
  • Signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Mounting holes for the sign are available in all corners.

Weapons Prohibited Sign to Send Across a Stern Message

This Concealed Weapons Prohibited sign with symbols sends across a clear and effective message on standard safety practices related to carrying firearms. It is a useful resource in aiding the protection of your employees and customers and addresses any security concerns regarding firearms that one may have while visiting your premises.

Apart from setting up a safer environment, the concealed weapons prohibited sign also ensures regulatory and legal compliance that may be mandated by state or federal governments. 

These signs can be installed at offices, retail stores, malls, schools, public areas, or business establishments. The four mounting holes available at the corners of the weapons prohibited sign allow users to set it up anywhere around such locations.

Our weapons prohibited signs are made from rigid aluminum panels that are non-reflective. The high-contrast font and background make the sign all the more visible. The clear protective film covering the graphics shields it from any external weathering agents that may otherwise cause corrosion or affect its visibility and performance. 

Lay Down the Ground Rules With Our Weapons Prohibited Sign With Symbol

Is language an issue? Then no sweat! The weapons prohibited sign comes with symbols that effectively convey the same message without running into any lingual barriers. Don’t let language come in the way of safety. 

If weapons are not tolerated within your facilities, let your patrons know about it with clear weapons prohibited sign with symbols. These signs make it absolutely clear that no firearms, concealed or otherwise are acceptable within your facilities. All you need to do is set these up at entry points or high-traffic areas to ensure that the sign is visible to everyone at all times.

Weapons Prohibited Sign for Indoor and Outdoor Use

As a result of these favorable features, these weapons prohibited signs are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Plus, with the availability of mounting holes on all corners, you can install it at any spot, depending on your preference.

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