All About Coronavirus Disease Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

All About Coronavirus Disease Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

  • Provides for a quick and easy installation process.
  • Printed using dye-sublimation technology to offer bright and clear graphic quality.
  • Our polyester backdrops offer multiple customization options, including hardware and dimensions.
  • Features a sturdy frame that ensures durability.

Share Vital Information With Coronavirus Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

Durable, High Quality Straight Pillow Case Backdrops are Customizable

Every facility is on the lookout for an efficient advertising solution to share information about communicable diseases. These polyester backdrops are a useful way to clearly communicate information about airborne diseases. They offer an excellent communication method to all organizations with premium print quality and easy installation.

The graphic backdrop is made of 230 GSM polyester fabric that can withstand daily wear and tear. It also features a sturdy frame that offers durability. With these features, this product is an apt way of generating ROI.

Our polyester backdrops come with full color and 1440 DPI for clear, crisp images. Printed using dye-sublimation printing technology, the result is premium print quality that ensures bold, long-lasting graphics that won't fade or rub off. The bright colors and design, along with the blended use of images and text, makes the information easy to grasp.

There is no dearth of customizing options when it comes to these backdrops. You can choose whether to add hardware or graphics, and select between three sizing options (8x8 ft, 10x8 ft, 20x10 ft) as per your space requirements. The complete straight pillow case backdrop package includes a printed backdrop, corner connectors, a frame, and base panels.

Polyester Backdrops are Portable, Easy to Install, and Ready to Use

These graphic backdrops are portable and simple to install. Constructed using a lightweight aluminum frame, the backdrops weigh very little and are easily transferable. Additionally, the frame snaps together with ease, which offers a quick installation process. In a matter of minutes, you get a display backdrop ready to place wherever needed.

As the straight pillow case backdrops are pre-printed and pre-designed, they are ready for display in minutes. This allows you to easily bring attention to the dangers posed by communicable diseases while also providing information about combating them.

Straight Pillow Case Backdrops are Easy to Maintain 

To maintain these polyester backdrops, just give them a regular hand wash or machine wash using a mild detergent and cold water. The easy-care feature of this product helps to save you time and effort.

Inform Visitors and Employees About Airborne Diseases with Polyester Backdrops

Spread information about pathogens and contagious diseases to employees and visitors at your facility in a clear and effective manner.

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