20FT Tahoe Twistlock Displays

20FT Tahoe Twistlock Displays

  • 20-ft modular exhibition stands to promote your brand.
  • Twist and lock mechanism for easy assembly and dismantling.
  • Comes in a hard case for easy transportation and storage.
  • Designer canopy frame with custom-printed stretch fabric canopy.
  • Frosted acrylic header and wings with multiple shelves.

Exhibit Your Brand With Modular 20ft Tahoe Twistlock Display Stand

The 20 ft Tahoe Twistlock Display is a practical solution for your trade show exhibit needs. The modular twist and lock display stand is lightweight and durable, which means you can carry it from event to event. It features a strong aluminum frame that adds strength while keeping the design lightweight. Furthermore, the Tahoe modular display stand gives you adequate space to display your products with multiple brackets provided on the acrylic header and wings. 

The Tahoe Twistlock Display features a tool-free setup. The latest design is based on a twist and lock feature that makes it exceptionally easy to set up compared to other modular displays. The aluminum frame uses pegs that need to be inserted and twisted to fasten the display securely. Once the event is complete, you can untwist the pegs to dismantle the assembly and pack it up for your next event.

To improve the portability and safety of your Tahoe Twistlock Display, we ship it with a quality hard case and other packaging material. You can securely pack your modular display in the hard case and rest assured of its safety while traveling or shipping.

The sleek yet practical design of the modular display is further augmented by the frosted header and wings with brackets that can be custom-printed on demand.

Save Time and Hassle With A Completely Tool-Free Tahoe Twistlock Display Setup

If you regularly participate in trade shows or exhibit your products in different locations, you'll be familiar with the time and effort it takes to set up and remove your display every day. Tahoe's modular exhibition stand is designed to overcome this challenge with a twist and lock feature so you can set up or dismantle the entire assembly by simply twisting or untwisting some pegs.

Once dismantled, the lightweight aluminum twistlock display can be packed in its accompanying hard case and securely shipped or transported worldwide without any fear of breakage.

Stand Out From The Crowd With Custom Printed Twistlock Display Banner

Tahoe modular displays with twist and lock feature are specially designed to promote your brand with a distinctive wavy frame and custom-printed fabric canopy to attract your audience's attention. Depending on your requirement, it's also possible to change the graphics by replacing the fabric canopy and use the same display at multiple places.